Modern watch movements are complex, highly engineered and include high-quality materials. Watches are like little works of art, and in order to keep them in time and prevent early wear they must be cleaned thoroughly during servicing and in production.

Common contaminants include gummed oils and grease. Solid particles such as adhesive, polishing paste, paint flakes, dust particles or any other types of abrasion in any grain size must be removed the watch movement is serviced.
Elma offers 5 different cleaning concentrates and ready-to-use detergents specifically for the watch industry. 

Elma 1:9 Cleaning Concentrate

Elma 1:9 is a cleaning concentrate designed for aqueous cleaning of dismantled watches.
Using Elma 1:9 in rotation or vibration mode helps to remove gummed oils quickly and gently and brightens brass- or gold-plated objects.

Elma WF pro

Elma WF pro is a microemulsion-based detergent for use with mechanical precision parts, such as dismantled and assembled watch movements, in cleaning systems with or without ultrasound.
Elma WF pro cleans gently with excellent results. It provides good material compatibility and cleans, removes resins and dissolves oxides (brightens) in a single step. This solution helps to ensure a very long service life.

Elma Suprol pro

Elma Suprol pro is a non-aqueous detergent for rinsing precision parts, such as dismantled and assembled watch movements, after they were cleaned. Cleaning solutions like Elma WF pro rinse off completely.
Elma Suprol pro evaporates quickly without residue and ensures that lubricants can be applied evenly. In aqueous cleaning of precision metal parts, Elma Suprol pro can also be used to displace water before drying.

Elma Spirol

Elma Spirol is a volatile degreaser for cleaning precision metal parts, in particular balance wheels and hairsprings for mechanical watches.