Dentists and dental laboratories are faced with a wide range of applications. Elma cleaning agents are essential to pre-clean instruments, remove dental plaster and cement, and intensively clean and freshen active dentures.

EC 10 - Universal
This universal detergent EC 10 - Universal is suitable for thorough ultrasonic cleaning of medical and dental instruments and laboratory equipment made of stainless steel, glass, plastics and ceramics. EC 10 - Universal removes blood, saliva, proteins and bone residues as well as greases, oils, grinding and polishing pastes.

EC 25 - Alginates & Plasters
This ready-to-use detergent is ideal for the thorough ultrasonic cleaning of impression trays and dental instruments made from stainless steel, glass, ceramic or plastic.* It removes alginates and dental plaster without residue.
*Always test the compatibility of EC 25 - Alginates & Plasters with light metals (Al, Mg, Zn) and their alloys before use.

EC 35 - Prostheses Daily

EC 35 - Prostheses Daily is used for the daily hygienic cleaning of dentures made from metal, ceramic or plastic.This highly effective cleaner with active oxygen easily removes organic contaminants, deposits and food residues in an ultrasonic bath.

EC 40 - Prostheses & Cements Intense

This cleaning concentrate effectively and quickly removes cement from crown and bridge work and any dental instruments made from stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, glass or rubber. It also eliminates phosphate cements, metal oxides, lime and fluxes.

EC 55 - Instruments & Burrs Disinfection

EC 55 - Instruments & Burrs Disinfection is a concentrate for disinfectant cleaning in immersion baths with or without ultrasound. It is also used to clean both general and surgical medical instruments, in particular rotating dental instruments (drills, burs, root canal instruments) and endoscopes made from stainless steel, steel, carbide (incl. diamond-studded models), plastic or ceramic.
The EC 55 cleaning concentrate targets blood, proteins, saliva as well as tissue and bones residues.

EC 60 - Acidic Intense
EC 60 - Acidic Intense is used for acid-based cleaning of medical and dental laboratory instruments and tools made from stainless steel, glass or plastic. In combination with ultrasound EC 60 reliably removes contaminants even in hard-to-reach areas, such as corners, edges and joints. Rusted instruments should first be pre-cleaned separately with EC 60.
EC 60- 

EC 60 also thoroughly removes brown/grey deposits left by disinfectants and cleaning agents after autoclaving, tarnished areas or autoclaved blood spots. We recommend to thoroughly clean medical instruments with an acid-based product approximately every 6 months.