The modular concept of the ECO-Maxi makes it ideal for small series production. Their high-tech design makes these machines extremely economical, with savings being as much as 60 % compared to the cost of conventional finishing. To cater for specific applications, the ECO-Maxi is available in the versions "magnetic", "wet" and "dry" and as a flexible all-rounder, the "basic" model.

Clean and bright workpiece surfaces

Completely removes any traces of sanding/grinding and casting skin for perfect results.

A surface finish equal in quality to that of manual polishing

Puts a shine even on inaccessible areas of intricate workpieces and completely removes oxidation discoloration and any residual investment material.

Flexible in use

This machine type is the first to use three separate or up to three different finishing processes in a single machine.




Magnetic polishing

6 l interchangeable container with magnetic polishing medium

Granulate: 200 g steel pins
Workpieces: approx. 300 g

Dry polishing

6 l interchangeable container for wet finishing (5.5 kg)

Granulate: 2.2 kg walnut shell granulate
Workpieces: approx. 300 g

Wet grinding

6 l interchangeable container for dry polishing

Granulate:3 kg plastic abrasive or 12 kg stainless steel polishing agent or 4 kg porcelain polishing agent
Workpieces: approx. 300 g

Dry finishing

5 kg H1/100 walnut shell granulate for pre-polishing
5 kg H1/500 walnut shell granulate for fine polishing
1 kg polishing paste P 6
1 scoop
1 ladle

Wet finishing

2 kg PA 10 plastic abrasive, red (coarse grinding)
2 kg KA 10 plastic abrasive, red (coarse grinding)
2 kg PX 10 plastic abrasive, white (fine grinding)
2 kg KX 10 plastic abrasive, white (fine grinding)
10 l compound SC 13

Manual screen

A variety of screen sizes are available


for water storage jar
(only availab for the ECO-Maxi-I "wet")


for storage containers
(only available for the ECO-Maxi-I "wet")

Ring holder

for heavy rings (>6 g). Prevents the rings from colliding with one another.

Emergency cut-out

when water supply is depleted 
(only available for ECO-Maxi-I "wet")


We can try our solutions to your surface finishing and cleaning problems together. We will evaluate the results and make suggestions about your problems on surface finishing and cleaning processes.

Send us some sample, we will transmit you the results and our suggestions in the form of a process report.