From the start, EVT focused on building safe, customised vapour degreasing plants that would comply with the tougher environmental requirements that would foreseeably be introduced within a few years.

By the time the new European VOC directive entered into force in January 2002, we had installed a respectable number of plants in Germany and Switzerland and were ready to extend our activities throughout Europe. That same year EVT established its own representations in all leading European industrialised nations and began backing up sales of our EVT plants by providing appropriate service in every country. Parallel to this, EVT moved to Sternenfels when it became clear that our old facility was too small to support the expansion of our market to include all of Europe.

In late 2006 its growing success prompted yet another move, to a new facility of EVT. Its more than 1500 sq.m of production surface and 400 sq.m of office space enabled us to respond appropriately to the burgeoning demand.

In keeping with its motto “Made to measure and need!”, we proceeded to fulfil new requirements, especially for applications in the aviation industry and heat treatment of metals, thus raising our EVT plants to a whole new level in terms of process technology.

With the conscientious care and thoroughness that one can expect from a certified company like EVT, EVT will definitely master them with more high-quality  products.