Cleaning, rinsing and drying - all with one device.  

The compact Elmasteam 8 basic with 8 bar steam pressure is the ideal steam cleaning machine for smooth and environmentally friendly pre- and final cleaning tasks. 

  • With the selectable pressure modes “soft” and “strong”,
  • the individual regulation of moisture in the steam (wet or dry steam) and
  • the strong heating power,

the Elmasteam 8 basic is ready for even challenging cleaning tasks.

The individually adjustable Eco-mode ensures that the unit closes automatically down to 3 bar operating pressure in order to save energy and cost. Cleaned parts can be easily dried with the optionally integrated compressed air function. For more user safety, Elmasteam 8 basic has an integrated, automatic Lock-mode.

Water can be filled via the integrated funnel in the tank or with the optional water connection via the rear connection and the integrated pump. Regular decalcifications increase reliability in operation and the product-life of the heating. The decalcification programme can be easily started in Service-mode. Occuring sediments can be rinsed out following the operating instructions and using the rinsing set.

QUALITY and SAFETY are top priorities at Elma. This means, only tried and tested components and high quality materials are used. And therefore we give on our quality product Elmasteam 8 basic 3 years warranty.




Mains voltage (V) 220-240
Mains frequency (Hz) 50/60
Max. power consumption (W) 3120
Steam temperature in the tank (C) 185
Steam temperature at the nozzle (C)           160
Operating pressure (bar) 8.0
Pressure tank volume (l) 5.0
Max. filling volume (l) 3.8
Dimensions W/D/H (mm) 285/350/520
Weight empty (kg) 20.0



We can try our solutions to your surface finishing and cleaning problems together. We will evaluate the results and make suggestions about your problems on surface finishing and cleaning processes.

Send us some sample, we will transmit you the results and our suggestions in the form of a process report.