Advantages and application fields

  • for small parts in baskets or individual parts on workpiece holders
  • for workpieces with complex geometrical shapes
  • for very high requirements to cleanliness
  • for applications with short cycle times

NiagaraWE is a flood/spray cleaning system with revolving wheel technology. The system features a modern and compact design. Ultrasound cleaning (optional) achieves a high level of cleanliness. All processing steps are carried out in a chamber. Rotating the baskets or workpiece holders around the horizontal axis ensures all-round thorough cleaning.


Basic system

Cleaning System  : Spray/flood cleaning with flat spray nozzles
Rotation: rotating wheel system with fixed nozzle    frame        
Number of tanks : 1-3
Loading: Front loading through a roller guided holding fixture
Housing: Compact housing
Tank insulation:  Yes
Control and operation  :    Siemens Simatic with operating panel
Bath monitoring : Libelle Fluid Control

Measuring bath contamination

New standard feature!
On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, BvL are equipping all systems with the bath contamination monitoring system Libelle Fluid Control as a standard.

Standard sizes Unit          600           800               1,000               
Usable length mm 600 800 100
Usable width mm 400 600 600
Usable height mm 300 400 600
Loading capacity kg 100 150 250
1 tank system:volume 1 550 1,100 2,000
2 tank systen: volume             1 550 1,350 2,000
  1 550 1,200 2,000


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